Thursday, October 30, 2008


uTorrent Turbo Booster v2.0.3.0

**uTorrent Turbo Booster is a recent plug-in designed to improve the functionality of probably the most popular P2P file sharing application around – uTorrent. This tool comes equipped with modern technology that aims at getting your download speed way up so you can grab the files you want so badly much quicker than you’ve been used to. Movies, music, games, applications, you name it - uTorrent Turbo Booster will deliver at a fast pace. It will be there doing its job in the background without upsetting any other activity you might perform on your computer.

**Another benefit you’ll gain by using this high-end module is a higher number of download sources - more seeds will be available to you than normally discovered by your uTorrent.

**A crucial element in choosing a proper accelerator such as this is reaching a full Internet connection tolerating at the same time minimal requirements – well, uTorrent Turbo Booster does them both. Your bandwidth will get its highest capability and you’ll get low CPU and a happy face.

**Besides functionality, uTorrent Turbo Booster shows a bit of style as well. Its interface is neat and appealing; plus, any user will find it quite intuitive and helpful.

**What many other such patches come fully bundled with, this strong plug-in lacks. That’s right, folks, NO Adware, NO Spyware, NO Trojans! This little app is clean and solid!

Listed below are some of the uTorrent Turbo Booster’s main attributes:

>> Pleasant and easy to operate interface;
>> Automatically clears downloaded and incorrect files;
>> Automatically resumes paused downloads;
>> Operable by system tray icon for convenient and faster use;
>> Automatically searches for multiple sources at user-specified intervals;
>> Keeps configurations from last run and auto loads on start-up.




The SRS WOW XT Plug-in for Windows Media Player (*v9.0 and above) is the easiest and most powerful way to deliver dynamic and immersive audio to your computer or headphones - whether your format is CD, WMA or MP3!

The WOW XT Plug-in Makes Audio Sound Amazing!


SRS Produces an incredibly wide 3D sound image

SRS invented the term “3D Audio”. Ours is the leading 3D sound technology in the world. It restores the spatial information masked by traditional recording and playback techniques and delivers an audio experience much closer to what the artist originally intended and that of a live performance.

TruBass Delivers heart-thumping bass

TruBass is a patented SRS technology that enhances bass performance through proprietary psychoacoustic techniques. It delivers the perception of deep, rich bass up to an octave below the physical low frequency limitations of virtually any size speakers or headphones.

FOCUS Makes small speakers sound huge

FOCUS elevates the sound image field to create the perception of image height. When used in combination with SRS 3D, FOCUS delivers an enlarged sound image, producing a much taller and wider sound field with a broad sweet spot.

Fully customizable controls allow you to have total control of your audio experience:
- Choose from four speaker settings (laptop, headphones, built-in computer or external speakers)
- Choose level of bass you like best
- Adjust the image height so you hear the audio at its optimal level - ear level, instead of down low
- Adjust the level of 3D sound - you’ll be able to feel the audio surround and envelope you

Preset Levels: If you don’t want to play around with the audio levels yourself, we’ve taken the guess work out of it and have predermined for laptop, headphone, built-in computer and external speakers

Hear dynamic sounding audio from any CDs, WMA, MP3s or streamed audio



FaceOnBody is the only software in the universe designed specifically to put any face on any body. With any Windows-based system, you can transport the faces of your friends, classmates and co-workers to the most glamorous, sexy, seedy, hilarious places you can imagine. All you need is your digital photos and a little imagination. FaceOnBody does the rest.


ESET's NOD32 is rapidly becoming one of the best pieces of antivirus software on the market today.ESET's NOD32 once again has delivered an excellent product that is highly effective, and now, easy to use. The strength and beauty of this software is its light footprint, relatively fast scanning and superior ThreatSense® Technology that detects malicious software before it has been reported. Its interface is intuitive and easy to use for the average home user, but can be configured and tweaked by the advanced user. The one-user, one-year package is priced at $39.99, which is the middle range of the antivirus software products reviewed. ESET’s NOD32 receives “TopTenREVIEWS Bronze Award.”

Standout Features

* Effective antivirus protection (98%)
* Light footprint on your computer (34M)
* Excellent scanning speed
* Excellent proactive protection
* Is one of the few companies still offering products for legacy O/S's such as DOS and Windows 95, Windows 98, etc.


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